In summary…



Finished our new chicken coop. House and greenhouse full of plant babies. Moved the hens into the garden to take down the weeds while we waited for the rain to stop and for the ground to dry out. I spent quite a few nights hiding from Maggie in the greenhouse, while Chris put her to sleep.



Incredibly sunny and hot. And then, a devastating late hard frost. Six degrees below in mid June. I did a bit of weeping the garden, and then moved on. Eighty baby chicks. The flats of random things I seeded in April and May while avoiding bedtime in the greenhouse paid off. While the corn, quinoa, kale and cabbage all bit the dust, I had whole beds of late calendula to cheer me up. But apparently not cheery enough to take any photographs (other than some lo-fi instagrams) for nearly a whole month.


20157154_10155344985715499_7303367388317573145_o.jpgGarden. Garden. Booth at the farmers market selling teas and prints. I was kidnapped for the most epic bachelorette party of all time (the above photo says it all), complete with rafting, costumes, axe throwing, log sawing, Sasquatch inspired burlesque and amazing ladies. The RCMP responded to a call reporting drunk women throwing axes, and then challenged me to a swede saw off.


Aug 1

It takes a village to throw an off grid bush wedding you need to canoe to. And also to build an entire building to house said wedding. I’ve lost count of the hands that made it happen. But, we love them all.

Aug 2

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