the new year here

A new year is here. IMG_20151225_001525

So many crazy things have happened. I went back to work. Maggie walks. It took forever for the Klondike to freeze, and so we were stuck on the town side of the river, our poor house lonely and frozen out here with  the wolves howling and us not here to listen. I also found out that I have an autoimmune disease causing my thyroid to overact, which sucks, BUT I am so so thankful to have a diagnosis that explains my anxiety, my weight loss, the lightheadedness, losing my breath and not catching it. For a long time I thought I needed to eat more, to sleep more. I was convinced I was bad at this- how does everyone else do this? How do parents work? Why am I failing. But it is not me. Its something happening to me.

I am working on it. I have a great doctor. I have a great naturopath. I have a great manager at work. Chris has the patience of a saint, He just swears and drinks more than most of them.

20151221_144251We got stuck in Whitehorse two days before Christmas. I was sent down for an ultrasound of my thyroid (it was all totally normal). Maggie and I shopped tip we dropped and drank all the fancy decaf coffees (me, not Maggie.) And then on the morning Mags and I were scheduled to fly home, we flew, we approached Dawson, we saw our house in a small clear pocket in a sea of fog, and we couldn’t land. The problem with big planes, small valleys, and tall hills is that you need a lot of visibility to land, and after circling and searching, we turned around and headed back to Whitehorse.

Three hours later they loaded us onto two teensy planes. I knew our pilot, he flew our food and fuel into the bush camp I worked in the summer of 2011. It was nice to see a familiar face, and I like small planes. I crossed my fingers, I crossed Maggie’s fingers, and again, we got to Dawson, and no go. The patchy cloud had mustered itself into a thick impenetrable blanket. We could see the mountain tops around and nothing else.


At this point I was nearly losing my mind. I got even closer when we got back to whitehorse and the airline officials notified us that the clouds had miraculously parted for the second plane, it had landed in Dawson, and our luggage was on it.
I was out of diapers. I was out of snacks. I was out of patience. And then an incredible thing happened. I asked for help, and boy did I get it! A dear friend dropped EVERYTHING (she was throwing a cocktail party in an hour) to come pick me up immediately and drive me to another friend’s house. These folks have rescued me a million times in Whitehorse. The most generous warm souls. I love them. They fed us. They played with Maggie. They called everyone in the neighbourhood to ask if they had size 3 diapers.

We had dinner, we had a bath, we were saved by diaper angels and we had a great sleep. A Christmas Miracle! Chris drove down to Whitehorse to pick us up, to guarantee we would make it home for Christmas.

I am so so so lucky.

We had a wonderful Christmas, we lit lots of candles, listened to lots of music, ATE. We didn’t go anywhere for days.

I am happy for this new year. I will ask for help more often. I will take care of myself more often. I will make Maggie giggle as often as possible. I will thank Chris all the time.


Thank you for reading, I promise I’m on my way back- you’ll hear more from us soon!



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