I wrote this yesterday, thinking about things I can expect while I’m expecting. Today it all happened. Magic!

“I can expect it to snow in the next week or so. And I can expect that my eagerness for cold weather will annoy others. I need it to get cold fast this fall, so the river that lies between us and our homestead freezes quickly, and we can move in as soon as possible with our new babe. I expect that in the next two weeks the small flurries that I’ve seen, that melt when they hit they ground, will become solid and stay, casting light back up onto my bedroom ceiling some morning. I expect that on this morning, as with all my recent mornings, I will be woken by my babe stirring, my bladder, or my babe stirring on my bladder. I can expect our three dogs to hear me wake up and gather on my side of the bed, a lineup of eager noses in my face, tails thrashing against the rubbermaid container full of baby gear I’ve nicknamed “the nursery”.

 I can expect Chris to roll over and rub my shoulders briefly before resting his head on my chest and talking to our child, trying to not make eye contact with my protruding belly button which totally freaks him out.


It is a morning for tea, CBC on the radio and tending the wood stove. I am thrilled winter is making her way!

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