the building site in winter


A wall tent with wood stove to make tea and dinner in, with wool blankets for the littlest husky to hunker down on, christmas lights for sight and cheer & four walls and a roof that we are slowly but surely adding to. It is a snug little place, the perfect base camp for building in the cold, or climbing the ridges around our home.

The river, and as a result our trail, and the temperature have been fickle. We are in the process of moving our insulation and windows, by snowmobile, across the river and a few kilometres to our future house. We’ve been waiting for the overflow on the river to settle down, and for warmer climes. Moving a 7 foot picture window by snowmobile is precarious enough without open water and bone brittling cold.

Last night, outside in the yard at our borrowed winter house, the moon was incredibly bright. Everything was light up. We looked at each other and at the same time said we can’t wait (until we are out there, next winter.)

The moon will light up the valley all the way to the Ogilvie Mountains. We will look out the picture window at the foot of our bed, from the warmth of down and wool blankets. I can picture the the wide open sky of our valley crowded with aurora, and hope the wolves will sing us to sleep, our crackling wood stove keeping time.

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